About Us

You are very warm welcomed by us and our dogs!

A little bit about us – it all started back in my high school years when I purchased my first dog – Mittelschnauzzer. Before that – in my childhood – Pūks, later wild but extremely lovely Džulbars, with who I attended my first ever dog school. Then I received my first two dog litters while still in high school from my lovely schnauzzer Fidži… Then I had an unlucky boy Rojs who was always fighting with illness, he made me realize that at that time, healthy dogs should be purchased outsde Latvia. In 2003 arrived my first English setter Impala (Emba) from Germany, she lived healthy and happy 14 years with us, Emba had two puppy litters. From the same kennel we also had Osiris (Lilly) who blessed us with three puppy litters from whom we kept her son Batlers. That is the story for setters.
Later I came across Cavalier King Charles spaniels – incredible loveliness and good will. Our very first cavaliers – Kylie and Lyenetta -arrived from kennel in Chezia. By this time I had developed my own kennel – Blackberry White. This black berry dipped in a snow is the best explanation of the fur color of my dear setters – kennel name in honour of our first, always cherished setter girl – Emba!